Bimat + Applicators (Bimatoprost)
Bimat + Applicators
Bimat eye drops (Bimatoprost) are used for the treatment of a condition called hypotrichosis. This condition causes the eyelashes to grow in a irregular pattern and have a short length. Our eyelashes are important for the integrity of our vision, as they protect our eyes from dirt, sweat, or other microscopic elements getting in, but also for beauty and elegance.

One interesting fact about Bimat eye drops is that they were originally developed as a medication to treat glaucoma, a condition that causes increased pressure in the eye and can lead to vision loss. However, during clinical trials, researchers discovered that the medication also had the side effect of increasing eyelash growth. This led to the development of Bimat eye drops as a treatment for hypotrichosis. Another interesting fact about Bimat eye drops is that they are applied directly to the base of the eyelashes, rather than to the eye itself. This can be a more targeted and effective approach for increasing eyelash growth compared to other topical treatments.

Order Bimat eye drops (bimatoprost) to treat hypotrichosis, eyelashes to grow in a irregular pattern at our online drugstore - Pharmacy XL. Buy Bimatoprost 3ml bottles without prescription for a guaranteed low price here at our mail order pharmacy specialized in supplements and affordable drugs including eye drops and skin care for your health and general wellbeing. However, like any medication, Bimat eye drops may cause side effects and should be used under the guidance of a healthcare provider. Common side effects may include redness or itching of the eyes, dry eyes, and darkening of the skin around the eyes. It is important to speak with a healthcare provider before starting Bimat eye drops or any other medication.

Bimat can also be sold and market under the following names: Carepost, Lumigan, Bimatoprost or simply generic Bimat.

BIMAT EYE DROPS are a trademark of and manufactered by Ajanta Pharma from India.
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Product Description

Bimat eye drops (bimatoprost)

Common use of Bimat
The active ingredient in Bimat eye drops is Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is a prostglandin analogue. Bimatoprost helps and promotes the growth, thickening and darkening of the eyelashes by stimulating the prostglandin in the eyelash follicles. After 12 to 16 weeks with daily use, you can see changes. You should not stop the treatment abruptly, as it will cause your eyelashes to return to their initial state

Bimat Dosage and direction
In order to apply the Bitmat eye drops to your eyelashes, you will also need to buy applicators which come in boxes of 30 pieces(for one month usage) will aid you to administer them. Please ensure that your hands are washed and you do not have any make up on. Remove your contact lenses as well. To apply the drug, squeeze one drop of it on the brush and then gently spread it over your eyelashes, on the upper eyelid. Do not use Bitmat eye drops on your lower eyelid. For maximum efficiency, do not wash your eyes fifteen minutes after the application and let your eyelashes dry. The brush can be used for a month and it is designed in such a way that it can reach the roots of your eyelashes. Do not expect to see immediate results, it is a long process. Do not apply the drug more than once per day, as it will not promote more hair growth.

Precautions when using nbsp;Bimat
It is strongly recommended that you visit your doctor and consult with your pharmacist before starting to take Bitmat eye drops. Please tell your doctor if you are suffering from other conditions, pregnant, as well as telling him if you are allergic to any substances that may be contained by Bitmat eye drops. If Bitmat eye drops enter your eye, there is no need to panic or wash consistently, because they do no harm. Ensure that after every usage, you close the cap of the bottle. Do not touch the tip of the lid because this may cause contamination which can lead to an infection of your eyes.

Contraindications of Bimat eye drops
Some people may be allergic to the main active ingredient in Bimat eye drops. If this is your case do not use this drug. Symptoms of an allegric reaction may include chest pain, difficulty breathing, soreness of the eyes, redness of the eyes.

Do not continue your daily activities after immediate usage of the drug. Wait for a brief fifteen minutes in order for the impaired vision that may install after usage to go away.

Possible side effects of Bimat
The side effects of Bitmat eye drops may include: eye irritation, excessive watering, itching, burning, stinging, light sensitivity, discoloration of the iris.

Some rare side effects of Bitmat eye drops include: swollen eyelids, impaired vision, eye pain, red eyelids.

If you are experiencing any of these side effects on a daily basis, please inform your physician.

Drug interactions with Bimat eye drops
Do not use Bimat eye drops if you are already using one or more of the following drugs: latanoprost ophtalmic, bimatoprost topical, or if you are using other drugs that contain the Latisse or Xalatan active ingredients. Also, if you are suffering from uveitis, renal or liver disease, macular edema, do not use this drug.

Missed dose of Bimat eye drops
If you forget to use the Bitmat eye drops on the scheduled time, use one dose as soon as you remember in the same day. Do not take a double dose the following day to make up for the one that you missed. 

Bimat Overdose
Symptoms of Bimat eye drops overdose may include sensitivity to light and pink eyes. If this is the case, seek immediate medical attention.

Storage of Bimat eye drops
Store the Bimat bottle in place which does not have access to direct sunlight, at room temperature. Also, be careful when closing the bottle cap. Please store away from children.

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