Levitra Oral Jelly
Generic Levitra Oral Jelly (Vardenafil)

Levitra jelly (vardenafil) is a powerful medicine to treat erectile dysfunctions. Levitra Jelly is a form of the medication Levitra that comes in a oral jelly form. The active ingredient in Levitra Jelly is vardenafil, which is a type of medication called a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. Order Levitra oral jelly (generic) as potent medicine to treat erectile dysfunction (Ajanta) at our online drugstore. Pharmacy XL is world's biggest online pharmacy with free shipping worldwide. Buy Cheap Generic Levitra Oral Jelly 20mg packets with free shipping here at our online pharmacy specialized in affordable medications including men's sexual health drugs like Levitra Jelly to improve your erection and sexlife dramatically, but with cheap prices compared to your local brick and mortar drugstore near you ...

One interesting feature of Levitra jelly is that it is absorbed more quickly by the body than the standard tablet form of Levitra. This can result in more rapid onset of action, with effects appearing within 10-15 minutes of taking the medication. Additionally, the jelly form means that it can be taken discreetly without anyone noticing, making it a popular choice among men who feel self-conscious about taking medication for erectile dysfunction (ED). Another interesting aspect of Levitra Jelly is that it has been shown to be effective in treating ED caused by a range of underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. This makes it a useful option for men who may have other health concerns that contribute to their ED. Furthermore, studies have shown that Levitra Jelly has a high success rate in treating erectile dysfunction, with fewer side effects compared to other PDE5 inhibitors. This makes it a safe and effective option for men who struggle with ED.

Levitra Jelly (vardenafil) is a fast-dissolving, potent medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It offers extremely effective results by enhancing erection and sexual performance during sexual stimulation and intercourse. This medication starts to work in as little as fifteen minutes, and is easy to use for anyone who cannot swallow pills! Another interesting feature of Levitra jelly is that it has a pleasant taste and is available in various flavors. This can make taking the medication a more enjoyable experience for men, and may increase their compliance with the treatment regimen. Overall, Levitra Jelly is a convenient, fast-acting, and effective treatment option for men with erectile dysfunction. As with any medication, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before using it, especially if you have underlying medical conditions or are taking other medications.

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Levitra® Oral Jelly is manufactured by the amazing Indien medical company Ajanta Pharmaceuticals.

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Levitra jelly (vardenafil)

Common use of Levitra Oral Jelly

This Levitra Jelly is a powerful medicine to treat erectile dysfunctions. It works only if there is sexual stimulation. Sexual arousal releases nitric oxide from the nerves' endings of the cavernous bodies of the penis and activates guanylate cyclase enzyme. Guanylate cyclase in its turn is responsible for production of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). Due to cGMP the blood vessels supplying the penis with blood widen and relax. Levitra prevents phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme from destroying cGMP and in this way helps to support blood flow to the penis.

Levitra Jelly Dosage and direction
The recommended dose of Levitra Oral Jelly contains 20 mg of Vardenafil, it is available in a pack of sachet. Take it an hour before intercourse. In case of adverse effects it is recommended to reduce the dose to 5 mg daily. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Strictly follow all recommendations of your doctor and never take the drug if it was not prescribed to you.

Precautions when using Levitra Jelly
Levitra Oral Jelly is not recommended in patients who have a stroke or heart failure, or a heart attack in history and especially within last six month. Before using Levitra inform your doctor if you have serious renal impairment, a bleeding disorder, stomach ulcerations, or an inherited retinal disorder such as retinitis pigmentosa, allergic reaction to this medicine or any other medicines, deformation of the penis such as angulation, cavernous fibrosis (Peyronie's disease), as well as in diseases that contribute to the development of priapism (sickle-cell anemia, multiple myeloma, leukemia, or leukemia).

Contraindications of Levitra Oral Jelly
Levitra Jelly cannot be prescribed in patients who are hypersensitive to its ingredients, ones treated with organic nitrates. Use in individuals who have not reached the age of 16 y.o. is contraindicated. Concomitant use of HIV protease inhibitors such as indinavir and ritonavir with Levitra Oral Jelly is prohibited.

Possible side effect of Levitra Jelly
Treatment with Levitra Jelly usually does not lead to serious side effects and if any they are mostly transient. The most frequent Levitra side effects are: headache, flushing (hyperemia of the person), dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, stuffy nose. More rare and uncommon adverse effects are photosensitivity of skin, hypertension, back pain, watery eyes, hypotension, myalgia, priapism.

Drug interactions of Levitra Oral Jelly
Metabolism of Levitra Jelly is inhibited by erythromycin, ketoconazole (Nizoral), itraconazole (Sporanox), indinavir (Crixivan) and ritonavir (Norvir). Levitra also reduces the blood concentration of ritonavir and indinavir. Chest pain may become more acute in patients treated with nitrates as the medication increases heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Levitra is able to exaggerate the blood pressure lowering effects of alpha-blocking drugs (terazosin or Hytrin). Levitra never should be administered in patients who are treated with organic nitrates.

Missed dose of Levitra Jelly
Levitra Jelly is taken when needed but not more often than once daily so missed dose is not supposed.

Levitra Oral Jelly Overdose
Symptoms of Levitra Jelly overdose include pain in the back, jaw, arm, chest, blindness, blurred or decreased vision, or discomfort.

Storage of Levitra Jelly
Store Levitra Jelly at room temperature out of reach of children and pets, away from moisture and sunlight.

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