Peter, Wien
I have tried Viagra and Cialis before and must say that Levitra causes less side effects though. I had terrible headache with Viagra which made sex impossible sometimes. With ...
Malcolm, 63, Canada
“My Levitra arrived yesterday. It is a magic! I had an unforgettable night. I am lucky that I ordered a big package of it. It will last for long. I just cannot express my ...
Elliot, 53, Tennessee
“I just turned 53 young, not so old, huh, and have been suffering from erectile dysfunction for more than 8 years. Different techniques and medications did not help me or ...
Cost of living: Young cancer patients 'in a desperate situation'
Young people with cancer say they are struggling with rent and bills because of soaring living costs.
UK looks to be winning the fight against monkeypox
New cases continue to fall, thanks to vaccines and vigilance, says a top expert.
Gene test spared baby unnecessary chemotherapy
It revealed a lump on the newborn's leg was a rare and benign mass called a myofibroma.
Covid infections rise by 14% in UK and now top a million
But there is no clear evidence of an autumn wave starting, says the Office for National Statistics.

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